Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ban on advertisements?

Advertisement is a medium to bridge the gap between the businesses and consumers. While it is true that certain advertisements can be harmful for naive targets, imposing a ban on all kind of advertisements is not at all a sane solution. If used fairly, they can result in a win-win solution for both the parties.

There is no doubt that commercials with evil intentions can rob the gullible audience, especially children and youth. I remember an instance from my childhood when I coerced my mother to buy me a mosquito killer after seeing an animated ad which portrayed it as a mosquito eating robot. It turned out to be a stationary device which happened to be a mosquito repellent, not even good enough to be a repellent. The youth are even more vulnerable to be mislead by similar deceptive commercials because they have the power to decide and purchase for themselves - a very good example is youngsters being over crazy about soft drinks.

Nevertheless, these concerns cannot undermine the significance of ads. Imagine a world without them. How would the market survive? In the absence of advertisements we would not have a way to try various brands and choose the best for ourselves. The offending advertisers should obviously be dealt with in the courts. Strict regulations can help keep a check on false claims and grievance redressal system can help protect the consumers.

In a nutshell, like any system is prone to abuse, the advertisement medium is no exception. Proper measures can definitely help ensure fair play but banning advertisements outright is not going to help.

Lol.. You must be wondering what is this! This is nothing but an essay. Haha.. Why I wrote this? Just like that ;)
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